The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd. is a full-line horticulture company established in Yokohama with a history of more than 120 years.

The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd.

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Business Overview

Vegetable Seeds

We will contribute to rich and varied dietary life in the world through our development, production and sales of vegetable varieties such as melon, carrot, lettuce and bunching onion.


Bulbs and Flowers

We have been, are and will be a bridge between breeders including ourselves and flower producers from home and abroad and contribute to the delivery of beautiful bulbs and flowers to people all over the world.


Bonsai and Garden Trees

We have been exporting Japanese Bonsai and garden trees for over 120 years. We will continue to contribute to people all over the world who are interested in Japanese culture through our delivery of Japanese Bonsai and garden trees.



We have been selling gardening related products wholesale for more than 60 years in Japan.
Our partners of gardening related products and sales agents are around 350 and 550 companies in Japan. We also develop and sell our original flower seedlings such as Petunia, Viola and Salvia, and original gardening related products such as atomizer and ants-killer.

Landscape Garden

We treasure the conception of nature, changing of the four seasons and concept of “space”, which Japan has cherished since ancient times, and apply these concepts to create ecologically friendly urban areas that are rich in nature.

Description of Business

Landscaping and garden construction, Landscape maintenance and management of public parks and other landscape facilities.

Hokkaido Branch

Hokkaido is the northernmost prefecture of Japanese prefectures and is the second largest island in Japan. Hokkaido Branch has started its business in 1916. Since then, Hokkaido Branch has been going forward with the people and the environment of Hokkaido around 100 years. We have three businesses here in Hokkaido, Seed and Seedling, Gardening and Landscape Garden business and will keep contributing to agriculture, gardening and greenery in Hokkaido in the future as well as heretofore.

Kyushu Branch

We are engaged in the operation and management of internet mail order business in Japan. We are running an online specialty store offering selected gardening products to gardening lovers on Yahoo, Amazon and Rakuten in Japan.

The Yokohama Nursery Exchange Co., Ltd.

Our company is an affiliate of The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd. We provide “greens” to in side of and outside of offices, commercial and public facilities etc. as a professional green producer. Our business description is green and planter rental business, roof and wall greening business, event ornament business, garden designing and maintenance business.