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Bonsai and Garden Trees

Do you know “Bonsai”?

Bonsai is a container-grow plant of Japanese style on which trunk and branch made some alterations for ornamental purpose. Bonsai was imported from China Tang (BC618 – BC907) and has been evolved in Japan inimitably. Current Japanese style of Bonsai has been formed in Edo Dynasty (BC1603 – BC1868).

Our company’s history of Bonsai export is very long. We have been exporting Bonsai to overseas customers for more than 120 years since 1890 when our company was founded. According to our company history, there is a record that The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd. presented “Bonsai” and “Japanese Garden” in the U.S. Columbus World Exhibition held in Chicago in 1893 and received a great admiration. Thus we have been promoting Bonsai to overseas companies from the very beginning of the birth of the company. Bonsai has deep-rooted popularity in Europe. We are actively introducing  related accessories such as pots and scissors which expand varieties of ways to enjoy Bonsai to overseas customers.

Our company also has a lot of actual experiences of exporting garden trees. Our company has involved in the Tokyo City Project of the export of Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) to Washington D.C. in 1912. The progeny of those Sakura has been in full bloom every spring and given people delights for more than 100 years.


The provision for the plant quarantine

The conditions for the plant quarantine of botanical companion such as Bonsai and garden trees are different from each of exporting areas and countries. In 2008, parasitism of the White-spotted Longicorn Beetle (Anoplophora malasiaca) was found out from a Bonsai exported to Netherland. EU stipulated that only Bonsai which has been nurtured in a facility not infested by White-spotted Longicorn Beetles for more than two years is allowed to be imported to EU.

In order to correspond to this stipulation of the disease and pestilence, our company has been cooperating with cultivating farm partners to create safety environment against the Asian long-horned beetles and having an inspection of the Japanese Plant Protection Organization 6 times every year. Regarding garden trees, we made a company strict guideline which includes inspection and sterilization of soils twice a year and we export garden trees safety. We also have been developing new protection and removal technologies, know-hows and farm control system which reduce the damage of Bonsai and garden trees from sterilization of soils. Thus we have been making continuous efforts for the safety and reliability of the export of Bonsai and garden trees with cultivate farm partners.

We, The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd, have a strong and reliable network with cultivating farm partners in Japan and a lot of experiences and know-hows related to the export of plant such as cultivation of Bonsai and garden trees premised for export, plant quarantine, plant customs, plant transportation and so on accumulated through our long business history more than 120 years. We have a strong confidence that we will bring satisfactions and delight to our customers who wish to import Japanese Bonsai and garden trees.