The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd. is a full-line horticulture company established in Yokohama with a history of more than 120 years.

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Vegetable Seeds

We, all members in Vegetable Seeds Division of The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd. will do our best to develop, produce and deliver our developed vegetable seeds which respond to requests from customers in the world.

The Message from Vegetable Seed Sales Department

Our net melon, bunching onion, carrot and lettuce varieties have been widely cultivated in each main producing area in Japan after years of strenuous efforts. We have broadened our perspective globally and made every effort to meet our customers’ demands and expectations in the world in nearly a decade, breeding more suitable varieties for overseas cultivation environment and market, attending international seed business congresses. Today, our vegetables seeds including carrot, bunching onion, and melon etc. are delivered to customers from more than 10 countries in Asia, Europe, and South America. Although the demands vary widely between customers, it is our pleasure as a breeding company that we meet our customers' various demands and expectations faithfully to gain our customers’ trust. We have highly-qualified staff capable of communicating in English, Spanish and Chinese, so we are looking forward to hearing about your demands first.


The Message from Kikugawa Research Station

Our plant breeders and pathologists has been continuously breeding new vegetable and flower varieties in Kikugawa Research Station since 1965. From beginning of breeding to commercialization it requires very long period, in generally 5 years to 10 years. In order to make our research more efficiently and effectively and breed new vegetable and flower varieties which are satisfied with both of consumers and farm producers, we are constantly introducing the newest innovative biotechnology in addition to using our accumulated and huge experiences and know-hows over 50 years. We have confidence that such diligent and continues efforts of our long period redound to the credit of our best-selling vegetable varieties, such as melon, carrot, lettuce and bunching onion which, we believe, are deeply trusted and highly evaluated by farm producers.

The Message from Seed Production Department and Seed Center

The Seed Production Department is also developing processes and conditions of the production of our vegetable and flower varieties developed in Kikugawa Research Station in order to improve the productivity, quality and stability with our cooperative farmers and seed production companies and supplying our vegetable and flower varieties to our customers. At Seed Center, we mainly manage the entire process of seed selection by our various inspections, such as germination test, seed health test, biochemical test and grow-out test. Also Seed Center handles logistics. We will continue to focus our effort on developing and supplying new and high-quality vegetable and flower varieties which fit for the requirement of ages and make our dietary life rich and varied.