The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd. is a full-line horticulture company established in Yokohama with a history of more than 120 years.

The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd.

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Explore creative opportunities to predict the trend of the future Yokohama Nursery, the driving force behind the creation of a new era in full-line horticulture.

To our valued friends and partners:
The Yokohama Nursery was founded in 1890 as a pioneer of modern horticulture company in Yokohama, a city known as where “cultural enlightenment” began in Japan, after years of national seclusion. In the next fifty years, the company enjoyed healthy growth as a leading company in the industry and rapidly expanded the business network to various overseas markets. In 1912, we shipped out cherry saplings that was to be planted alongside the Potomac River in Washington DC in the United States. American inspectors were very impressed to find every single sapling in the shipment was free of diseases. Last year, in commemoration of the 100th year anniversary since these cherry trees were given to America from Japan as a sign of friend ship, the American government endowed 3000 dogwood trees to Japan. One hundred of these trees were given to Yokohama City in 2013 and planting ceremony was held at Honmoku Sancho Park, which we manage as a designated contractor agreement with the city, in the presence of U.S. ambassador and the mayor of Yokohama City. At present, we conduct business activities in diverse range of fields, including modern agriculture, home gardening, breeding, production and sale of plants in connection with greenery business, landscaping works, maintenance and management of public parks and recreational facilities under contract with public agencies. This diversity led us to set for the “explore creative opportunities to predict the trend of the future” as the philosophy of business, a cause we consider important, to progress as a full-line horticulture company.
We established the Kikugawa Research Farm in Shizuoka prefecture in 1965, followed by opening of the first branch farm in 1988 and second branch farm in 2005. We went on to build the administrative building and office at the same location to enhance the functionality of the farm. Through this facility in Kikugawa, we conduct research and development activities with strong focuses on vegetable seeds. With the trust and respect we have won over the years, we take part in various greenery projects conducted by government agencies, public corporations and private sectors. It is our joy and pride to take part in these meaningful and environmentally friendly initiatives. In recent years, we have been certified as “Corporate Body with Proven Contribution to Local Communities Yokohama Model”, the highest rank certification only awarded to the best practice companies with strong focuses on regional development. In addition, our landscape gardening department has been granted certifications on environmental management and quality management* system they employ.We will maintain our diligent corporate culture to ensure further development of our business and undivided focus on contribution and service to our community.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to continuing the journey with you into the future.

Yours respectfully,

President & CEO

Kazuo Ariyoshi

*ISO certificate number for quality management system: 9001
ISO certificate number for environmental management system: 14001
Certification covers: Landscaping works, construction of civil engineering structure, green space maintenance work (limited only to public works respectively) and management of publicly owned parks and recreational facilities, conducted by landscape gardening department at head office and Hokkaido branch.