The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd. is a full-line horticulture company established in Yokohama with a history of more than 120 years.

The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd.

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Company Organization


Business Portfolio

Vegetable Seeds Business
Breeding, developing, production, sale and technical assistance of vegetable seeds
Bulb and Flower Business
Production, wholesaling, import and export of bulbs, flower, seedling
Trading Business
Export of Bonsai and garden trees, related accessories
Gardening Business
Wholesaling, import and export of gardening supplies, agricultural materials and equipment
Online Business
Operation and management of online shopping business
Landscape Gardening Business
Designing, construction and construction management of landscape architecture and management of publicly-owned parks and recreational facilities
Research and Development
Breeding, research and development of seeds, plants, bulbs and flowers