The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd. is a full-line horticulture company established in Yokohama with a history of more than 120 years.

The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd.

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Company History

The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1890 as a pioneer of m odern horticulture company in Yokohama, a city known as where “cultural enlightenment” began in Japan, after years of national seclusion.

Stock Certificate in 1894

Catalog for export in 1904

The main office in 1905

Bonsai was presented in U.K. in 1910

Cherry Blossoms were exported to Washington D.C. in 1912

Company picture overview in 1921

Cultivating Room of Melon in 1916

Agrichemical Manufacturing Factory and Lily Bulb Farm in 1925

Kikugawa Research Station opened in 1965

Head Office constructed in 1971

the 100th Year Anniversary Celebration Party in 1991

Certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Minato Mirai landscape garden constructed in 2009

Seed Center constructed in 2010

1890 Feb. Established as Yokohama Ueki Shokai Ltd. by Uhei Suzuki who is the founder of The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd. at the present location and started the trading business of plants with overseas companies.
Opened San Francisco Branch.
1891 Jun. Changed the company name to The Yokohama Nursery Shokai Co., Ltd. with the capital of fifty thousand yen.
1893 Oct. Registered as The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd.
Presented “Bonsai” and “Japanese Garden” in the U.S. Columbus World Exhibition held in Chicago and received great admiration.
1898 Dec. Opened New York Branch.
1903 Mar. Opened Calamus Flower Garden in the south of Tokyo to expand overseas sales.
1907 Feb Opened London Branch.
Started flower seed business in Japan using small seed bags.
1910 May Presented “Bonsai” and “Japanese Garden” at the British/Japanese Exhibition held in U.K. and was awarded an honorable GRAND PRIZE as well as two SILVER BOWLS from the British Royal Gardening Association.
1912   We handled the export of Sakura (Cherry Blossoms), a donation from Tokyo City, to Washington D.C.
1913 Apr. Opened Tokyo Sales Branch in the center of Tokyo.
1925 Nov. Opened Agrochemical Manufacturing Company in Kanagawa in order to accommodate the increasing demands.
1926 Mar. Opened Totsuka Test Farm in Kanagawa.
1931 Dec. Opened Osaka Atomizer Manufacturing Company in Osaka.
1942 Mar. Established Toua Agrochemical associated with Zenkoren in accordance with the guidance of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
1945   Closed all overseas Branches.
1964 Feb Increase of company capital to forty eight million yen.
1965 Feb. Opened Kikugawa Research Station in Shizuoka.
1971 May Completed the construction of present Head Office
Jun. Awarded as Minister of International Trade and Industry for the contribution of exports in 1971.
Nov. Relocated Hokkaido Branch to present location.
1984 Apr. Established Bio Division for the purpose of Research and Development of plants
1988 Aug. Recognized the first research/breeding farm in Kikugawa in order to improve research and development of vegetable seeds and flowers.
1989 Dec. Completed the construction of Uchikoshi Annex Office in front of the Head Office.
1991 Jan. Held the 17th Comprehensive Gardening Exhibition at the Industry Trade Center in Yokohama.
Held the 100th Year Anniversary Celebration
1992 Nov. Completed the construction of company residence named Flower Heim.
1997 Jan. Expanded the breeding/research farm in Kikugawa.
May Noriaki Watanabe appointed as the 10th President.
2000 Jun. Completed the construction of Kikugawa Research Station Office.
2001 Jun Completed the construction of Seed Center
2005 Oct Opened the second breeding/research farm in Kikugawa.
2008 Apr. Certified as CSR Yokohama local contributing company : 19(1)0030
2009 Mar. Completed the construction of the Minato Mirai landscape garden designed and managed by The Yokohama Nursery Co., Ltd.
Oct Awarded Ministry of City Bureau Construction Award.
Nov. Awarded prize of Excellent Construction Contractor by the civil engineering department of Yokohama City.
2010 Nov. Completed the construction of Seed Center.
2012 Dec. Opened Kyushu Sales Office in Fukuoka.
2013 Feb. Certified ISO9001 (Quality) and ISO14001 (Environment).
Certified purview: Landscape Garden Department,Hokkaido Branch Landscape Garden Group,landscape construction (limited to public construction),construction of civil engineering (limited to public project), maintenance and management business of green space (limited to public construction) and operation of the designated administrator.
May Kauo Ariyoshi appointed as the 11th President and CEO.
2014 Mar. Awarded the best company of the regional contribution to Yokohama City
Dec. Awarded the finest construction supervisor of Yokohama City
2015 Mar. Held the 50th Year Anniversary Celebration of Kikugawa Research Station
2016 Aug. Held the 100th Year Anniversary Celebration of Hokkaido Branch
2017 Aug. Awarded the silver premium of the Yokohama Good Balance premium
Dec. Completed the construction of Hokkaido Branch
2018 Jul. Established The Yokohama Ueki Chile SpA in Santiago de Chile
2019 Mar. Established Minami Kyushu Sales Office
May. Satoshi Ito appointed as the 12th President and CEO.