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R & D

Create new varieties
for the coming era

  • At our company, plant breeders at the Kikugawa Research Station in Kikugawa, Shizuoka, are developing excellent varieties that meet the needs of producers and consumers. Fully utilizing the product development know-how and genetic resources accumulated over fifty years, we have produced many new seed varieties such as melon, bunching onion, carrot, and lettuce etc. We will continue to devote ourselves to creating better food options and developing new varieties for the coming era.

    • melon
    • Japanese leek
    • carrot
    • lettuce
    • melon
    • Japanese leek
    • carrot
    • lettuce
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Seed Production

Produce safe,
secure and high quality seeds

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Our in-house developed superior varieties have been produced in the various regions (North America, South America, Europe and Asia, in addition to domestic farms in Japan) based on the characteristics of each varieties. In order to stabilize the seed production which can be easily affected by the weather, we strive to produce our high-quality seeds which can be recommended to the customers with confidence.

Product Management

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  • Seeds that have passed
    rigorous quality inspection

    Our seeds produced for commercial sale are subject to quality inspections to meet criteria such as germination, biological purity, and pathology by specialized inspection staff. We are fully equipped with testing equipment to analyze seed at the genetic level, and we strive to develop and introduce cutting-edge testing technology through collaboration with external research institutes and information gathering at academic conferences. After having passed the strict quality inspections, seeds are stored and managed under the condition of optimal temperature and humidity. Further value can be added through seed selection, pellet coating, and germination enhancing treatments and the prompt delivery to customers.

Sales and Marketing

We have a wide range of customer support activities, from making trials of newly developed varieties under the guidance of producers to the feeding back of the results to breeders to follow-up after commercialization. In addition, we are developing sales and marketing activities for Japanese and global markets while deepening customers’ understanding of our products by holding cultivation seminars and general agricultural and horticultural exhibitions for customers.

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Landscaping and Greening

Protect the local landscape

We create things that are important to people's lives, such as parks and houses. We protect the cityscape and nurture green spaces, gardens, and roadside trees. We also turn parks into outdoor spaces, where people can gather and enjoy outdoor activities.

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