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Vegetable Seeds

  • By developing hybrid varieties, we have achieved uniform mass production of harvested products with excellent color, shape, size, deliciousness and beauty, which increases the commercial value. By hybridizing various vegetables, we are also working on disease-resistant breeding that improves productivity and enables reduced pesticide cultivation in consideration of the natural environment. In recent years, we have shortened the development period by analyzing genetic information and making full use of tissue culture technology for the development of new varieties, which normally takes more than 10 years.

    As a result of these efforts, we have brought out excellent varieties of various vegetables such as melon, bunching onion, carrot, lettuce, green pepper and radish etc. Especially, melon occupies a certain percentage of the Japanese domestic market share and provides a wide range of varieties to the international market. We are proud of being one of the best melon breeding companies in Japan.

    We are continuing the challenge. Utilizing the experiences and achievements of vegetable varieties development and dissemination to date, we can assist your selection of the most suitable variety for your business with providing the most suitable management guidance.

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  • Our company's Bonsai business has a very long history. We have been exporting Bonsai to overseas customers for 130 years since our founding in 1890. In the Meiji and Taisho eras (1868-1925), we utilized the Japanese garden for our sales promotion based at the branch offices in Europe and the United States.

    Thus we have been promoting Bonsai to overseas companies from the very beginning of the company. Nowadays Bonsai has deep-rooted popularity in Europe. We are actively introducing related soils, fertilizer and tools which expand varieties of ways to enjoy Bonsai among overseas customers.

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Diversity & Inclusion

  • By advocating "diversity & inclusion" and promoting "work style reform," "health management," and "strengthening expertise through the penetration of professionalism," we are aiming for establishment of the company where all diverse employees can make progress and play an active role.

    We are actively promoting the recruitment of global human resources in order to secure highly competitive staff from a global perspective. For instance, we recruited employees from Brazil, Peru and China who are working in the vegetable seed business and landscaping business.

  • We have been certified as a "Yokohama-model regional contribution company" in recognition of its community-conscious management and its commitment to social projects such as environmental conservation activities and community volunteer activities through our business and other activities.

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Can individual customer buy vegetable seeds?
We do not basically deal with individual customers. Currently, however we have business partners in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, etc. If you could give us your information by e-mail, we provide you with the information of the available business partner.
Can individual customer buy bonsai?
We do not basically deal with individual customers. We are currently exporting bonsai to the EU. If you could give us your information by e-mail, we provide you with the information of the available business partner.
I would like to import vegetable seeds or bonsai, what should I do?
In order to import plants such as vegetable seeds and bonsai, it is necessary to meet the plant quarantine requirements of each country. Please check the plant quarantine requirements of your country before contacting us.